Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Brainstorming for the Future

In getting ready for our technology event, March Madness Mania (more in our blog post on Thursday), where we will be using digital tools to connect with various colleges and have our students reflect upon their hopes and dreams, classrooms will hope to be buzzing with aspirations of the future in each student scholar that walks our halls. Within our classes, we've discussed traditions, legacies, and how we want to be remembered, the impact on each other. 

With the digital footprint technology allows, our actions online are recorded to leave that lasting memory that we've explored. One of our focus points for our March Madness Mania event is digital citizenship - appropriate searches as well as utilizing resources and giving acknowledgements to those references we use. With a world of 1:1 devices, this is a continued facet to emphasize to prepare our students for the future of writing research papers and more.

Both Google and Core Apps offer the feasibility to store an easy collection of ideas or sources that we will be using. Take a look at our highlighted tech tools for this week:

Highlighting our App Symbaloo: Pages, as a part of the core apps after iOS7 with Waves 2-5 in Waukesha One (that comes on iPads), offers writing features that allow students to beautify their work. Additionally, within pages, heightened interactivity is available to add an interactive video. If you are a Wave 1 school and missed when pages was free, try out Book Creator for similar uses, which was highlighted in our post on Thursday, March 5th: Thoughtful Thursday post.

Web 2.0 Tools: Google Drive continues to amaze me; from adding the ability to edit photos, to awesome connected web tools such as Lucidchart or MindMud - these tools working anywhere you are online (beyond an app) are AWESOME for starting initial brainstorming and charting, reflecting with students and the progress made. Check them out today!

Innovative Practices: An email came in from a colleague of mine after a professional development presentation indicating that all the new technology practices can be a bit overwhelming. I 100% agree with this statement, as it's all so much to take in. Yet this colleague said the biggest take away was the message to keep trying something new, something different, to combine with what we've always done and to be reflective of our instructional design and strategies. 

Start small - try just one thing new. Brainstorm together with your class how they envision using technology in your classroom! It's all about the journey as we work together and #buildonblooms for our future generations!

Collaborate. Innovate. Inspire.

What are your ideas? Reflect, Share & Comment!!! We welcome your questions, reflections, ideas and shared collaboration as we work to make a difference in the lives of our youth of the next generation!!!

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