Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays: Core Workout

Over the past few Thursdays, we have been spotlighting various core apps that come as a part of Waukesha One: Explain Everything, iMovie, Book Creator, SMART Notebook and others are some of the apps our district has deemed as most effective to work with students at any age level.

As we look to create new learning experiences for our students integrating this technology, it is imperative we first work toward basic skills such as math facts, handwriting, comprehension and more. But what if we turn each of those skills into something new for learners? Instead of simply teaching math facts, what if we had our students demonstrate being a teacher by teaching the same skill they practiced on Explain Everything? How about in your next science experiment, taking pictures of the different observations or work and journalling about it through Notability? Maybe our latest learning (in any subject) could be turned into a radio show using the voice recorder on GarageBand!

There are a ton of possibilities for new and innovative ways to utilize this technology to take learning to the next level. One resource to find anything about these core apps is our SDW iTunes U Course: Introduction to SDW Core Apps. 

Through this resource, you have various tutorials within the core apps to brainstorm and plan ideas and new learnings! Try some out with your students today!

Wanting to share an awesome lesson plan that worked in your classroom? Looking for some extra assistance? Please let us know how we can help you continue #BuildingonBlooms!


  1. Core apps are so important! The key should be kids creating and demonstrating their learning. Great insight.

  2. Thanks Dale! I agree - the connections and application level our scholars are making are amazing! I particularly am digging SMART Notebook & Explain Everything - with building on higher order thinking skills, the possibilities are endless! Scholars creating their learning - it's amazing to watch, observe and interact with them.