Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays: Book Creator

Creating books is one of the legacy practices that has been a constant throughout all educational circles for ages. Going through the researching, pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing have typically been the steps of any new creation item piece.

So if everything is working fine, why change it - why look toward something new? Well, the SDW Core App Book Creator, takes the writing process of publishing to the next level! Aside from your typical writing elements, Book Creator works to integrate text and writing tools, but also has opportunity for drawing, video and voice features! Easy to understand app interface, usable with your youngest students, Book Creator is certainly the way to go!

App Appeals:

  • Very intuitively built toward learning for students for ease of use in writing.
  • Upload books as ePubs, into iBooks formats or even just as PDFs.
  • Array of illustration features from importing a picture to drawing to video recording!
Project Ideas:
  • Upload pictures of projects and turn into a portfolio - with text and speech describing learning.
  • Create a book on any subject and easily share with others!

What are your ideas? Have you tried Book Creator - what has your experience been with creation apps and writing? Reflect, share & comment as we look to learn more from you and collaborate together!

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