Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One For All & All for One: Collaborating Together

We all musketeers of teaching. Goals of coming together as a school team to ensure high instructional practices for all students in a positive climate that is uplifting for both them and other teachers as we journey together through education. Our focus is for their continual learning, growth, and heightened academic - at any age, in any circle.

As I was thinking about this week's tech tip, I couldn't help but think of Universal Design for Learning and a conversation I had with a friend about truly working to make instruction accessible for all students. As we utilize technology to enhance our instruction, meeting our learners' needs is the direct result of planning with new and innovative ways at their levels. 

Think of the possibilities with many of our core apps: describing and analyzing learning with an Explain Everything presentation (at any grade level!), various modules in Blackboard for our flexible groups (more on this in the Thoughtful Thursday Spotlight,) or, how about creating text/voice directions for learners who need some additional reinforcement through QR Codes? The possibilities are endless!!!

Need help brainstorming or some inspiration? Check out our Highlights for the Week!!!

Highlighting our App Symbaloo: iTunes U As we are looking for resources and collaborative planning, something that is very helpful is iTunes U with tons of educational content throughout for varying subjects and abilities. Some really neat resources for teachers for their students to gain ideas as well as for teachers to learn more - do a quick Google Search and find elementary and secondary schools that have built out courses and resources for you. If that's not your thing, build one yourself for your students! Checkout How to Get Started with iTunes U from Edudemic.

Innovative Practices: Talking TechIn a recent meeting with our iTechU Student Tech Team, our students discussed the impact of technology into their lives today. Their comments just demonstrate how innovation with core instructional design can influence our students now and in the future. I'll be sharing out these comments weekly and other student perspectives as well.

"Well technology has changed my life because now every single student in the school, is holding a piece of technology (iPad) in their hands. Think of how cool that is. Now you could finish assignments much faster. Technology has also changed my life by the way that you could go on stuff now not only on the computer, but also on the iPad. The iPad is a great learning tool, by the way that it makes learning more fun. The iPad made the learning more fun not just because its right in your hands, but because you could go on apps that let you make your own projects and more." ~Sam

We are changing lives...we are impacting our students. Start something small - just a collaborative project, or even a blog. Tryout a core app today or talk with a colleague to get a conversation started. We are in this together as educators: One for All and All for One!!!

What are your ideas? Reflect, Share & Comment!!! We welcome your questions, reflections, ideas and shared collaboration as we work to make a difference in the lives of our youth of the next generation!!!

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