Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays: Beyond the Blackboard

In Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point, he describes the premise of connectors who know people, mavens who are knowledgeable, and salesmen who serve as persuaders. In education, we play all of those roles as the connectors for resources, mavens of knowledge for our students, and salesmen who engage our students to involve them in their learning.

As I thought about the many innovative tools, I thought to one of our team members, Lynn Rice, as she has taken on Blackboard 9. Me, I know about Blackboard 9 and use it for professional development and am working on my personal site, I am a beginner compared to all that Lynn has created. She has created her BB9 site as what could serve as The Tipping Point for her students' learning by building out a hub of knowledge, links for engagement, and with its' simple yet artistic design with bi-literacy components, salesmen to involve students in furthered learning opportunities. 

Click the screenshot below for a closer view and try it out today - talk with SDW District Tech Team to start up your Blackboard 9 Site and get rolling. Baby steps - I'm taking them along with you!!!

App Appeals:
  • Online Hub of Information
  • Easily add rubrics and assessments
  • Serves as a portal for students and families 
  • Web-based or iPad App

Project Ideas:
  • Begin a new unit with links and resources within the site - ease for you and ease for students.
  • Grade using a rubric that is easily attachable to a submitted assignment.
  • Color-code into different modules/subjects and add visuals for different learning styles.

Pst!!!: Also check out the various online resources in the Waukesha One PD Blackboard Sites in our SDW Portal!!! A lot of good info to help get started!

What are your ideas? Have you tried Blackboard - what has your experience been with various portals or websites? Reflect, share & comment as we look to learn more from you and collaborate together!

*Special Thanks to our Team Member Lynn Rice for allowing me to share her awesome work!*

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