Monday, February 23, 2015

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: New to the Tube

The day after the Oscars everyone talks about who wins and who didn't win. Being an outdoors enthusiast, I was cheering for the lovely Reese Witherspoon to take away the Outstanding Actress title for her performance in Wild; however, am just as impressed with Julianne Moore winning from Still Alice. So, I can understand the Outstanding Actress category, but as far as animated film, I thought How to Train Your Dragon 2 HAD IT. Seriously, a great movie and storyline, albeit a little sad in the middle, but triumphant and uplifting. Additionally, because of my profession, I have to mention the eloquent soundtrack that took each character's theme from the first movie to expand upon it and make it turn into an amazing soundscape to accompany the second films scenes. Just love it and am sad it didn't take away an Oscar.

It is about the kids, what they like, and was definitely a topic of our "weekend shares" community building today. They loved Big Hero, they loved How to Train Your Dragon. Any film or show action packed is sure to get an audience from kindergarteners to the big kids (like me).

So, in talking about what's new, the big news to hit the techwaves is YouTube Kids. This new app is out TODAY and is built with kids in mind. A safer way to YouTube, definitely an app to explore with an easy-to-use interface. Check it out today!

Looking for other safe video resources without those add-ons and annoying adds? Use SafeShare at

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