Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Disrupting the Norm

The snow is melting, the brightness of the skies - this can only mean one thing...soon it *WILL* be spring in our lives! Okay, so perhaps yes, but maybe a little wishful thinking, but I think anyone living in Wisconsin can appreciate this statement after a long and cold winter. 

As the season change and our students' get a bit antsy, the big key is what do we do to make the learning fresh and new? What do we change up to make something innovatively different and deepen the thinking and meaning to our learners' minds?

A couple weekends ago at the EdTech iOS Summit at Waukesha North, Holly Clark presented the idea of The Digital Disrupters Mindset - making the adjacent possible. She described how digital disrupters start with and continue to focus on the questions and inquiry. 

Connecting with the Depth of Knowledge, how do we make this thinking visible; how can we allow for students to handle and tackle the daily problems in their learning? The first step, in any realm, is focusing on instructional design. The next step, is creating student agency to move from the consumption to creation of learning!

Opportunities for oracy in "Turn and Talks/Stop Think and Listen Pair Shares," using them as an exit ticket on Notability or something similar! Student TED Talks, Explain Everything Presentations, iMovie Trailers or Google Forms are all quick and efficient models utilizing our key instructional design cores, but adding the fresh and innovative mediums that our students crave in using technology for higher order thinking.

Something new and fresh can be a sunshine-filled day with our students or perhaps a familiar tech tool used as a revamped new project - it doesn't have to be the full "spring" into action, but just a simple change in season. Take time to appreciate the change with your students as we move from consumption to creation and deepening understanding and comprehension with your learners! 

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