Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip - A Link & An App: Creating Connections

Tuesday Greetings, Blog Readers!!!

Three things on this edition of Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip for you!!!

A Link of Resources: Recently, I've delved into PBS Learning Media for a plethora of different resources. Organized both by grade level and by subject, it's a great way to spark an idea for you and your scholars!

An App Spotlight: Last week, our fourth and fifth grade teams had an opportunity to create QR Codes using thQR Code Reader App. While it did not always work perfectly, it was definitely engaging for our scholars to connect something scannable online to post for anyone to see. Think about the connections they can make by putting a QR Code Image as a poster to make it come to life! It could connect to anything uploaded to their Google Drive-truly a transformative and redefining practice to make any project interactive with video, audio, and more possible!!!

Innovative Practices: Accessibility is always something we think about as educators - how do we "give" our scholars the tools they need to be successful and even more, what enrichment connections are available for them? In thinking about an online presence, creating a page dedicated to a Google Site, Links integrated within Blackboard 9, and even creating a Symbaloo are all possibilities. By setting up any of these resources for our scholars, they can have TONs of learning right at their fingertips - even at hope.

Checkout our Web Tools Symbaloo & iPad Symbaloo if you're interested!

What resources do you use in your classroom to make connections at school/home to ease transition time, provide enrichment resources and beyond?

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