Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays - A Focused Look at SDW Core Apps for iPad: SMART Notebook

In the next month, we will be highlighting a core app on our SDW District Devices as well as giving possible project ideas or outcomes.

Our first app is SMART Notebook for iPad - from the same designers of the ever-popular interactive whiteboard software in our classrooms can be in the hands of students! Not only is this a great use of an interactive whiteboard app, but the familiarity of the same basic product in large group and independent work is appealing. With abilities to utilize interactive media of "lesson activity builder" created on the full SMART Notebook (on a computer), as well as voice recording and saving feature (with/without recording as well), this is a great app to enhance your instructional practice!

Especially helpful in my primary classes, students working on SMART Notebook for iPad feel comfortable with the recognizable interface.  I was able to email a document where students worked at their own place, color coding various symbols and labeling the necessary components to our activity. They gladly took part in sharing on my Apple TV, which made the lesson come even more alive as they can participate and follow along themselves on their own device as peers explained their reasoning up front on my classroom SMART Board. By integrating the usage of this app, opportunities for #BuildingonBlooms are very prevalent, as eager and engaged students connected to their processing and learning!

App Appeals:

  • Familiar Interface
  • Lesson Activity Interactivity Available
  • Voice Recording Feature
  • Saving Options (with/without recorded voice)
  • Learned Pace

Project Ideas:

  • Personalized Math Practice Problems
  • Personalized Literacy Scenarios integrating Spelling, Grammar, Understanding
  • "Choose Your Own Adventure" in Any Subject - link to different pages.
  • Writing Prompts/Reflection Development

What are your ideas? Reflect, Share & Comment!!! We welcome your questions, reflections, new ideas, and shared collaboration as we work to make a difference in the lives of our youth of the next generation!!

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