Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays - Noting Notability!

Note-taking. Organization. Put those together and you get organized notes. As I reflect upon my teaching practices, I often think how I can optimize my instruction and lesson design to benefit the needs and learning styles of all my students individually.

Notability begins to do all of those things - through a sleek app design, integrating typical writing and drawing features, students can develop written responses to prompts or questions. However, the true testament to this app lies with a recording feature for both students to record their thoughts and any instruction going on, but even more the integration to import and export to another core app, Google Drive. 

Both easily shared, and even more so, organizable, with folder and subject divider elements within the app itself, Notability can truly be #BuildingonBlooms for higher order thinking through in-depth analysis via text or voice, and further demonstrate their learning through accompanying pictures, drawings and more.

App Appeals:

  • Handwriting/Highlighting/Text Ability
  • Voice recording integration
  • Organizational aspects with folders
  • Google Drive Accessibility for both importing and Exporting

Project Ideas for Any Subject!
  • Building a centralized Google Folder to share assignments and create through notability.
  • Utilizing Notability as a form of journal entries and writing prompts.
  • Demonstration of learning by drawing/importing a picture and writing or voice recording explanations or analysis 
What are your ideas? Reflect, Share & Comment!!! We welcome your questions, reflections, ideas and shared collaboration as we work to make a difference in the lives of our youth of the next generation!!!

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