Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wondering Wednesday

I took a mini break from blogging for a bit with a few major events happening both in our school, and balancing work and life happened to get me a bit under the weather. So for this week, Teacher Appreciation Week, how do we do just that: Balance. It's definitely hard at times as conferences, concerts, curriculum nights, and more are happening, but yet we keep doing what we do with and for our students because we love them and it truly is what matters and what makes a difference, although sometimes it takes an extra step to remember that.

So today, as not only Teacher Appreciation is happening, but Mother's Day and many other end of the year events are coming, I'd like to spotlight a few websites for safe images to add to interactive projects to close out the year in a handy chart made by Richard Byrne. All props go out to him for this, but I've found it SO helpful to use as a resource when collaborating with other colleagues as well as my learners. These are really helpful to avoid those common "Google Image" searches, although do come with some cautions for classrooms as well.

If you're looking for my personal top resource for photos, check out http://photosforclass.com/ which are great for any learner in any setting!

  • All are rated G
  • They come with auto citations (so no more copyright infringement)
  • Creative Commons Licensed for Schools!

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