Monday, October 27, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Mission POSSIBLE

So we have successfully made it through the first two months of school. WHEW! I don't know about you, but I'm tired. Lately, my students have been very savvy to my persona as to whether I have indulged in coffee or not lately. Somehow, they are just able to tell if I've had a morning cup of joe, or if I've lacked and am staving it off. Must be that time of year...

Coffee always reminds me of the SAMR, as I seemed to best understand technology practices in modification and redefinition through coffee. Take a look below to the image that Kathy Schrock uses to explain technology integration.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway, is that we do not have to always "live" in modifying and redefining uses with technology. Substitution, Augmentation is okay. Technology ebbs and flows - the intention and true meaning comes with instructional design. Consider what makes the learning come alive, the true target of the lesson and the reason for why the technology enhances the learning. 

And remember, it doesn't need to be the 'next big thing.' Maybe, you can just shoot a rocket to the moon, measure how far it goes or the angles. Record it and integrate a writing piece on any of the mathematical components as well.

(Thanks Sarah Sierszyn for the usage of your video)...

Start small, shoot for the stars, and trust yourself as a pilot and your co-pilots in your co-teachers and colleagues. Together, we can make each day Mission: POSSIBLE.

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