Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Beyond the Blackboard

Let's get personal - with personalized learning! In Tech Tool Time today, we talked about the SAMR and the Core Apps as a significant part of lesson redesign for both ourselves and our learners. What new and innovative ways we are using all of our core apps - from anchor charts to forms, to books that are vocabulary and reading strategies - the possibilities are endless to redefine the future!

Let's put the learning on the backs of our scholars and flip the learning for them next - flip the lessons through Blackboard Sites with videos or at home work (that can be downloaded at school perhaps as a Do Now at the end of the day) are a great way to bridge innovation goals into at-home learning with parent communication and engagement through Blackboard. We can share learning strategies, give important documents for learning, and share tutorial videos for learners, as well as parents to increase and leverage parent engagement!

How do you flip the learning in your classroom or use any of these core apps as a part of the SAMR levels? Give a shout - we'd love to learn more and collaborate further

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