Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Renewed and Rejuvenated

I always love the start to the New Year - a fresh look at something new, reinvigorated for the second half of the year with my students! Definitely a fun time look at new things to do in the classroom, getting back to or refreshing routines for learning, and taking a risk for something you perfected over winter break.
Yet, in the start to the New Year sometimes comes that point of "where do I start," "what do I do," "what comes next," or, just a thought of "I need something fresh."

In a time of new beginnings, I wanted to share a listing of some GREAT resources where other educators and professionals have put together to share out ideas that are organized and just what you might be looking for:

Class Tech Tips is filled to the brim with ideas! Through a thorough summary explaining the tech specs and uses of apps or web tools, Monica Burns collaboratively shares her thought on the latest and greatest and best tech specs.

Corkboard Connections is a great resource from Laura Candler about ideas and structures to implement in the classroom. 

Free Tech 4 Teachers has some awesome information on it and great tutorials to learn from. Richard Byrne offers many guides for web tools and more within his website and is a great starting point as you are breaking into the #edtech world.

Smart Exchange is build for SMART Notebook files that are created from teachers, for teachers! View and download something that works for you and upload something that you think can work for someone else!

We Are Teachers is filled with anything from classroom management to lesson plans to grants and blogs and more! It's a great resource for ANYTHING Education you're wondering about.

As we start a new year, take a look to take a risk and make a commitment to trying something new with your learners. I often find when I'm trying out something and a little unsure and am upfront with my students, they end up teaching me many lessons along the way!

Looking for more ideas or to collaborate and share what you're doing! Comment and share out with us - we'd love to learn together!

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