Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Start Speeding!

As I have grown as a teacher from my first year until now, I've taken on many new things into my classroom. I remember my second year where trying to do some project-based learning was something new and different and it totally freaked me out! Well, I ended up liking it so much that I began to bring in the technology, and my passion for learning, integrating and coaching about technology just grew into what it is today.

This year, one thing I have been focusing on is how I get and receive feedback from my students - what ways I can leverage my assessments so that they "make sense" and are engaging for my learners. While it's nothing new, one way my learners have grabbed onto is the use of exit tickets. I presented it initially by saying that "we've sped through the material, this is a way to let me know if I should pay a fine, or can keep going past the checkpoint." They loved it, and now when we use this as a quick formative at the end of the lesson, they will tell me they caught me speeding as they line up and hand it off. It makes my day that they're so engaged and like this method of communication.

The thing is, I could put anything on that exit ticket - have them work out a problem, have them write a definition or connection...it's just a sticky note and can become anything!

As I was browsing around for other ways of Formative Feedback, I came across a great Edutopia Article. Edutopia is a great resource about innovative tools. David Wees, a Formative Assessment Specialist at New Vision Schools, put together a presentation called "56 Examples of Formative Assessment."

What a great resource that is super easy to browse through and can BLOW UP the way we assess - both low tech and high tech ways are evident - but through these great strategies and forms of assessment, we can make our learning even more meaningful for our students to make it visible for themselves and others!

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