Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tracy's Tuesday Tech Tip: Making Sticky NOTEs on ABILITY

My colleagues know I love sticky notes. I use them as an organizational tool, as they are often to-do lists on the "Sweet Spot" of my MacBook, as well as prioritized in order of need to complete on my desk. Just the way I roll. Recently, I've tried using them as quick tickets or exit slips and BOY ARE THEY EFFECTIVE! Students view them as something quick, and I view them as the ever-needed formative assessment of their learning, their connections, their understandings. Pretty awesome use...although I'm running out of them currently...

As we have begun arranging songs and creating new movement games, my students have loved the Ability to be Noted within the SDW Core App, Notability! With feedback being an applicable use to this app, students are listing rules, descriptions and able to draw within the very app, making the learning seamless and the connections even greater, and quite easily, I can share and comment on their work. Additionally, with typing, writing, drawing and highlighting all at once, this app is awesome for just about any subject or project! Aside from that, Notability would be what many label as "intuitive," where students just seem to "get it" and make sense of how to use it a little bit easier. 

If you've been reading my posts, you can probably tell I'm a pretty structured, in-the-box, liking to be planned person. I love scheduling, planning, color coding, and organizing - just who I am. Our students are often the same way - they like predictability and routine, knowing what will happen next, and the ease of application to use the tech tools we place in their hands. The tech we are doing in my classroom isn't huge right now - we're all still learning along the way and getting back into the routine, so before taking on the radio shows on GarageBand, the lyric breakdowns in Explain Everything, or the Skype/Google Hangouts with others, or even sharing and collaborating upon Google Docs with peers, my learners are getting back into the flow of utilizing Core Apps and the features of each, as well as organizing them. 

Notability is one way to do this - it has changed my personal workflow, and can change the way of your students' learning to make the important NOTEs truly stick, so students can show their learning and ABILITY in an organized, intuitive and amazing ways :)

How has Notability worked for you? What other tools are you using? Please share your thoughts and ideas as we build upon our professional learning networks together!

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