Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdays: Explain Everything

It started as an idea. Turned into a collaboration. And became a project.

Our WeTech4You idea came around #BuildingonBlooms and integrating higher-order thinking skills for learners - both students and educators alike! Working with various tech tools, we can take learning to the next level.

One of the core apps we have found useful is Explain Everything where students are able to go anywhere from simply remembering and basic understanding to evaluating and creating examples of their learning. A little bit different than iMovie, as Explain Everything has handwriting features and more of a screencasting app. The easy-to-understand design allows for creating and editing projects at your fingertips, with importing and exporting in multiple file formats to various file storage interfaces available.

From primary to intermediate learners, Explain Everything serves as an awesome way for facilitating describing and demonstrating mastery at the learner level, in an engaging and lucrative tool to transform learning. Give it a try today!

App Appeals:
  • Import PDF, DOC, PPT, MOV from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote & Mail
  • Insert a web browser right into the presentation
  • Enhanced audio recording system allowing users to re-record sections
  • Export Projects to Camera Roll or directly to File Storage Systems (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

Project Ideas for Any Subject!
  • Explain a math problem describing reasoning and understanding in one or more ways.
  • Make a screencast of the scientific method for an experiment.
  • Illustrate and describe a on a historical event.
  • Formulate opinions on and write using key vocabulary from a reading sample.
What are your ideas? Have you tried Explain Everything - what has your experience been with screencasting-type of programs? Reflect, share & comment as we look to learn more from you and collaborate together!

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